Safety Measures

Safety in the workplace is our priority


The health and safety policy are essential part of the management of Bermúdez Solutions.

The improvement of safety and health measures plays a fundamental role in our organization. This approach involves all levels of the company in the development of our daily activity.

We comply with current legislation, codes of practice and other voluntary commitments made by the company.

The principles

  • Our philosophy is based on teamwork and a high level of demand.
  • People are the most important factor in our company. The growth of the company is based on the constant improvement of working conditions.
  • The training, awareness and participation of Inditex workers in health and safety management are the key to achieve the objectives defined in preventive planning.
  • Our workers are aware of and take responsibility for maintaining their health and safety conditions at work.
  • We constantly improve the management of health and safety measures. They are analyzed, planned, coordinated and implemented with a commitment to comply with the health and safety policy, current legislation and voluntary commitments.
  • The health and safety policy must be known to all workers and employees of Bermúdez Solutions.